Security Expo on 30th Sep 2015 @ Yangon Myanmar

First ever security exhibition in Yangon to tap on Myanmar’s emerging market opportunities.

Demand for security products and solutions will grow as the economy of Myanmar starts to power up, foreign investments begin flowing in, and more and more developments going underway. From surveillance products and services, perimeter security solutions for the protection of properties and facilities, fire and safety equipment, access control management system, biometric equipment and systems, RFID and smartcard technology, to data security solutions, Myanmar Security Expo is poised to be the most important business platform for international suppliers to interact, network and showcase their solutions to Myanmar and the region.

Geographically, Myanmar is well placed to evolve into a regional hub for freighted goods in Asia, due to its proximity to Vietnam, Thailand, India and China. Hence, the interest of many foreign investors in this new and exciting market.

Myanmar is afforded a ‘least developed nation status’ by the UN, alongside Cambodia and Laos which implies that there is lots of business potentials as the country opens up to foreign investments.

ADP sales and technical team participated in this great event!

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