System Monitoring


Operation Command & Control Centre (OCCC)

ADP 24/7 OCCC is not only equipped to perform a number of crisis management functions but also able to function as a day-to-day operations resource – to support test efforts, exercise contingency and response plans with the flexibility and ability to be controlled remotely.

It has a wide range of customization options to suit all types of scenarios as follows:

  • Provide a management structure and system for conducting operations.
  • Educate clients on trigger events and the planned responses to them.
  • Assist clients to monitor the environment and site for problems and triggers.
  • Implement, manage, and track all contingency responses and recovery plans.
  • Plan to track multiple incidents and resources.
  • Able to prepare and document all actions taken and the related costs.

command center


System Monitoring 

System monitoring is to monitor client’s remote systems and activities by technology of CCTV, biometric readers, door access, intrusion detection systems, etc.  It is able to be integrated with client’s existing system and network infrastructure.

We have different platform of CCTV with various Video Analytic features to ease the eye-ball monitoring.  Our client can also choose to remote monitor site activities on their desktop computer, by email/SMS and even on smart devices.



Workforce’s Management Software

You have headache to manage your people deployed to various sites around the island?  Come to us and we have the right solution to manage your workforce!

The ADP WAOS™ (Workforce’s Attendance Operating System) is for the purpose of managing workforce deployment and their attendance status.  It caters for client operational needs and generates reports based on most commonly used formats.

The software has strong modules managing your employees, sites, roster, attendance and reports.  The dashboard presents all check-in and check-out data from all sites in a real time fashion.  An HR module for employee data and roster planning is also included.

Whether your officers come to work late or leave early, status can be seen from your desktop or smart devices in seconds.  No arguments – everything is now black and white!

ADP Workforce Manage Solution

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