Security Training

The training arm of ADP was set up to meet the training requirements for the Security Industry (Primarily).

The security industry has seen many changes and is constantly dynamic. The security enforcement officer is expected to be well versed in work and be instilled with the training which will enhance their capabilities and work ethics to a more rigorous plane. This will result in a friendlier and safer environment at present and for the future as well.

ADP Protection Services Pte Ltd will be able to provide to the growing training needs of the Security industry. The dedicated professionals we hire are experienced and are driven by their passion to deliver good training.

Apart from experienced trainers, we will be able to deliver WSQ Security modules training with exact precision and industry. Quality training will be delivered by ACTA Certified Trainers. Our organisational infrastructure includes Administration, Training Management and IT Support. We provide both WSQ & non WSQ course customized to customer’s needs

Our Training System and continuously upgrade with our technology use for the officers will further enhance our deliverance and to keep abreast in the Training Industry. This will be able to help us provide the best possible service to our trainees & customers.

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